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In the footsteps of the Channel Islanders

(June 1st to October 12th 2012)
Production du Musée de la Gaspésie

1766, the year Charles Robin walks on the Gaspe ground for the first time, is the beginning of about 200 years of contact and migration between the Channel Islands and the Gaspe. Thousands of people, leaving those small islands cast between France and England, will come to work for a fishing season. Others, less frightened by the rigor of Gaspe's climate, will see their adventure lasts for a few years. Finally, some of these Islanders will make of Gaspe their home. Still today, the presence of the Dumaresq, Lelièvre, Béchervaise, Chabot and Hotton families, among others, are a testimony of the link which still unites these two territories.

Come and discover the inheritance of the Jersey, Guernsey, Sercq and Alderney Islands! You might discover that your ancestors were in fact among those brave Islanders...

"Here I was three thousand miles away from home, having experienced my first travels by steamship, railroad train, subway and schooner. I was excited with it all".
Cyril Dufeu , 15 years old, after his journey from Jersey to Rivière-au-Renard, July 1919.


 Gabor Szilasi : Gaspesian Encounters

(From June 17th to September 10th 2012)

Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie

Over the last two years Gabor Szilasi has put down roots in the Gaspé during two artist's residencies each lasting two weeks. Using photography as a medium, in 2010 he documented his visit to the north coast, and then in 2011, to Matapedia Valley by way of Baie-des-Chaleurs. The result of that work will be exhibited during Rencontres in 2012. Additionally, a publication, issued by Rencontres, will be released in 2013.


Le Pont

(August 4th 2012)

Installation by Sylvie Cloutier

Les passants, 2008
Sylvie Cloutier

The charm with which some of us, as a child, plunged into a lilliputian world catches up with us once in a while by the discoveries made along a random walk. The pebble which we notice at the edge of a brook because its color, its shape, contrast with its environment... Although, how disappointing can our finds be once taken out of their context. On the other hand, some keep their strong attraction force afterwards. It is this fragile thread which I try to recreate with my miniatures so that they act as transmitters, a visual whisper.

There was this visit in Gaspé to find traces of the past.
There were the lost souvenirs of a small boy.
There was the dream about the discovery of a temporal bridge.

Sketches I made last spring were the inspirations for my miniatures
Forty portraits are to be discovered on the bridge.


Illegal : Killer trade
(February 17th to May 18th 2012)
Zoo de Granby et Centre de production scientifique du Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke


Animal lovers! Choose a travel destination and begin an adventure. You will have to pass through customs, but before you do, make sure you know what souvenirs you can bring back. There you are in an exotic bazaar, where animals are at the basis of many offered products. You will discover which animals are the most threatened by trade. Will you be of those who will contribute to their disappearance by bringing back an illegal travel souvenir? We will know, when you pass through customs. 



Eugene Klimoff: A man and his work

(From April 30th to May 18th 2012)

Produced by the Musée de la Gaspésie

Eugene Klimoff was born in Russia in 1901. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Riga in 1929.He emigrated to Canada in 1949 and settled in Quebec. Eugene Klimoff is a lover of the Canadian wilderness. He traveled the country many times and visited several times the Gaspé. In 1951, the Quebec Ministry of Fisheries asked Eugene Klimoff to make 31 paintings on artisanal fishing in the Gaspé. Of these, 13 breed methods capture various species of fish, gutting, drying, washing and setting catch barrels. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec has donated this collection to the Museum of the Gaspe in 1995.


Histoires fantastiques, mythes et légendes de chez nous

(October 14th 2011 to April 20th 2012)
Produced by the Corporation culturelle de Shawinigan and the Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke

Dive into the heart of a fantastic universe, through Quebecois, Canadian and Amerindian folklores. Jump aboard the flying boat, hunt the werewolves or dance with the Devil... Leave the reality of every day behind to investigate the imaginative component of our culture so beautifully orchestrated by our numerous storytellers. Even if at first the objective was to explain the big mysteries of life and misunderstood natural phenomenon, legends and tales aren't only left to become grandmothers' stories...



Recoudre des rideaux de sable
(October 14th to February 10th 2011)
Odette Ducasse

This recent works exhibition presents a space in between drawings, collage and the ready-made. Recoudre des rideaux de sable is the reflection of the artist's own mythology. We are all blind gods with thousands of memoirs not yet awakened. It is about the research for the transitional space, for the reflection of the visible where neither present, nor the past, or the evil exists. In this eternal continuation between actual souvenirs and intuition, there is an imprint of a deep memory ...


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